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Dominique Brethes producer/mixing engineer/mastering engineer

Born in Bayonne, France.
Music theory & piano at Conservatoire National de Musique, Bayonne.
Academic studies at Lycée de Biarritz and Pau University (English Literature & Contemporary Music).
B.A (Hons) in Film & Television 1980, London College of Printing & Visual Media.
Based in London since 1977. Founding member of pioneer electro-noise group Schleimer K.

Launched Wolf Studios in 1984 as one of the first UK Project Studios.

After close to 30 years in the business, Dominique is still very much in demand delivering quality mixing and mastering for a clientele of international independent labels and artists in the fields of pop, rock, jazz, world and alternative music.

More recently, Dominique has been involved in an increasing number of film soundtrack mixing work, and has set up Studio 2 as a dedicated 5:1 Surround mixing room.



Production credits
-Mekong Zoo"Minimal Dance"
-Mieko Shimizu "Totem"
-Mieko Shimizu "A Road Of Shells"
-Mieko Shimizu "Plastic Nostalgia"
-Cipher "The Party" ( JVC/Victor)
-Meta-4 "The Real Thing"
-Angel "Higher" (London Records)
-Adama Diabate "Jako Baye"
-Ken Morioka "Questions"
-Revelation 3 "The Psalmist" Single
-Crazy Fan Tutti "Viva!" (WEA)
-Zhou Feng (MCA)
-Elegant Sleepers "This Is Right"
-Miro "A Feast of Spanish & Classical Guitar"
-Elend "The Umbersun"
-Jojo (Toshiba) singles
-Debra Andrews singles
-Pushyr album
-Schleimer K "Wounded Wood"
-Geezerbird "Geezerbirds"
-Victoria & The Sublimes "As In A Dream"

-London Sky "Chasing Demons"

Wolf Studios, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter

Mastering & Remastering
Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Ska Cubano, Tuxedo Moon, Ut, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Camille O'Sullivan, Herbie Hancock, The Kills, Los Fakires, Charlie Mingus, The Tiger Lillies, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Kelli Ali, The Hamptons, Sarah-Jane Morris, Steven Severin, Kava Kava, Quando Quango, The Soothsayers, Vibronics, Shriekback, Alex Wilson, Radikal Dub Kolektiv, Lazarus and the Plane Crash, Dreamcatcher, Porcupine Tree, This Heat, Esthetic Education, La Cedille, The Other Two, Arêtes, Florence Joelle, TPMR, Lautrec, The Blue Hearts, Kassa Admassu, Ultramarine, The Bluefoot Project, Tony Roots, David Toop, Zion Train, Isabelle Antena, Mustique Blues Festival, Chris Cutler, Shineback, Tuxedomoon, The Pale Fountains, Scanner vs DJ Spooky, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri, Hadar, Mad Professor, Scanner, Simon Fisher Turner, Tim Hodgkinson, Adim Mori, Sushalini, Sharpie Crows, Touch & Go, Dennis Rollins, Jimi Vistoli, The Real Tuesday Weld, Yat-Kha, Tinyfish, Julia Biel, The Readers Wifes, Michael Wells, Gwyn J. Allen, Omar Puente, Tav Falco, Darren Taylor, King Kiety, Fantasmoagoria, Practical Headz, Gipsy Wine Cartel, Ace Percussion, The Sublimes, Miro, Tense, Robert Logan, Mieko Shimizu, Elegant Sleepers, 2nd St. Rag Stompers, Brown Sugar, Masami Tsuchiya, Ove Andre Brenna,The Oyster Band, Just Frank, Space Angel, Future Pilot AKA, Omar Puente, The Primevals, Remo, Jah Reuben Mystic, Jansen Barbieri Karn, Apache 61, ISM, La Cedille, Chin Chin, Gill Manly, Cameron Pierre, Porcupine Tree, Charles Hayward, Tde3, HNO, Zhou Feng, Lindsay Cooper, Renata, Gagarin, Far Out 10, Clara Moreno, The Kid Jones, Doc Bowling & his Blues Professors, The Wake, Merengada, Grasshoppers, Elend, Dana Gillespie, Jack Summer, Navigator, Silas, Urbcom, Far Out Recordings, Massukos, Empty Boat, Boris Gregorian, Raf and O, The Briganties, Bob Cullum & The Welfare Mothers, The Durutti Column, Liam Stewart, Paul Jayasinha, Dee C'rell, The Tallyman, 23 Skidoo, Gina X Performance, Prescription House, Rueben Mystic, Télégramme, Union City, The Works, Billy Jenkins, Robert Logan, Marcos Valle, Spengler, Zeus B. Held, Penya, Gwyn Jay Allen, MG Florentine, Giles Hayter, Angel McKenzie, Ruth Theodore, King Khamun, Ambika Jois, Battling Tops, Bandish Projekt, Addis Ivory Elimbi, Liam Stewart, Urker Band, Sonia Santana, Kat Vipers, Cyclobe, The Lani Singers, Anchor and the Wolf, Louise Sofield, Baccarat, Tim Benton, Ebony Bones, Bujumannu, Locus Amoenus, Ronnie Mayor, Soldier, The Maddisons, Tim Cross, Phenol, Another Fine Day, The Mentalists, Augustine Sandy, Doolee Band, Wasp Factory, The Powders, Karmakonga, Augustin Duplessis, The Gallios Flame, Eddie Capone, Babbermouth, Flow Tight, Rebecca Closure, Kazumi Tokue, 17 Pygmies, Wilber Calver, Clinton Grant, Section 25...
BBC 9 O'clock News theme, Kodak Millenieum, BBC World News, V&A "Radical Fashion", World 2004, World 2005 (Sound Of The World), World 2006, World 2007, World 2008, 2009 & 2010 (Charlie Gillett Compilations)

Recommended Records, Warners, RE:, End Of The Trail Records, 33 Records, DC Baby Records, The Clerkenwell kid, Casino Sounds, Chocolatefireguard, BPI, Torch Music, Urbcom, Exhilarate Records, Wolf Records, Universal Egg, Oval Records, Rhino UK, Rumour Records, Audiofuel, One Little Indian, Candid, Far Out Recordings, LTM, Universal, End Of The Trail Records...

More credits:


Mixing/engineering credits
-Kassa Admassu "Addisu Teweled" (album)
-Agent Sumo "Why" (album)

-Atlantida (Angar concert Live DVD)
-Gwyn J. Allen "I Love Louis" (album)

-Gwyn J. Allen
-Aint No Dub "Tomorrow" single

-Angel McKenzie "A Billion Nights & Days" (album)
-Apache 61 "Danger" (album)

-Johnny Bardo "Basket Case" (album)
-BBC News24 (Theme tune)
-BBC World News
-The Beloved "Sun Rising" (single Remix)
-The Beloved "Conscience" (album tracks)
-The Beloved "Blissed Out" (album tracks)
-Peter Blegvad "Just Woke Up" (album)
-Peter Blegvad "Hangman's Hill" (album)

-Ebony Bones "No Black In The Union Jack (album)
-Wilber Calver "Diaspora " (album tracks)
-Coba "Techno Cabaret" (album)

-Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes" (single Remix)

-D: Projekt "Sofacosmos" (album"
-Empty Boat "Waitless"(album)
-Esthetic Education "Live at Ring " (album)
-Esthetic Education "Vasil Vasiliev" (single)

-Simon Fisher Turner "Un Chant d'Amour" (film)
-Charles Hayward "Japan Live Concerts" (album)

-Geomatic "64 Light Years Away"(album)

-Geomatic "Transcommunication"(album)
-Giles Hayter "A Parallax In Sight & Sound" (EP)
-Erasure "Push Me Shove Me" (single Remix)
-4-4-2 "Come On England" (single)
-Simon Fisher Turner "I'll Sleep When I Am Dead" (film)

-Dana Gillespie "Deep Pockets" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Life Itself Is Music" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Blue One" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Walk Like A Man" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Methods Of Release" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Mirrors Or Love" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Universal Bhajans" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Staying Power" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "These Blue Nights" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Mirrors Of Love" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "The Power of Love" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Sacred Space" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "Love The Love" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "Live 2006" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "I Rest My Case" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "Mata Mata" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "Planet Love" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "The Cat's Meow" (album)

-Dana Gillespie "Trust in your Heart" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "The Perfection of Love" (album)
-Dana Gillespie "73: Live at the TAM" (double album) -Dana Gillespie "First Love" (album)
-Jeff Darko "Don't Worry Me Now" (single)
-Felix Dennis "Blues" (album)
-Adama Diabate "Jako Baye"(album)

-Augustin Duplessis "Pinnock's Lane" (album)

-EPS: Many Tongues: One Voice (album)
-GPunkt "Genaudas" (album)
-Hadar Manor (EP)
-The Hamptons "Don't Ask" (album)
-The Hamptons "Mind The Gap" (album)
-The Hamptons "Hela Hela" (album) 
-HNO "The Big TV Revenge" (album)
-HNO "Butterbread" (single)
-The Jellys "Big Big Trip on a Pantomine Horse" (album)

-Ambika Jois "Indioul" (album & EP)
-Keiko Kawashima (album tracks)
-Kelli Ali (Hot Lips/No Money) (Single B side)
-Krankschaft "Der Vaterland" (album)

-Santiago Latore (tracks)
-Jim Le Messurier "Salsa Feeling" (album)
-Lockstoff "Lockstoff" (album)
-Lockstoff "Es Schänkt Der Niemer Oppis" (single)

-London Philharmonic Orchestra "Christmas at Claridges" 5.1 surround film mix
-Los Fakires "Dos" (album)
Niños Vallenatos Del Turco Gil (tracks)
-Julie Loveson (album)

-Luana "SerioSistas" (album)
-Maozinha "Måe d'Agua" (album)
-Mark Olbrich's Blues Eternity (EP)

-Mark Olbrich's Blues Eternity "Live in Pamela" (album)

-Mark Olbrich's Blues Eternity "Blues Everywhere" (album)
-Masami Tsuchiya "Mod Fish" (album)
-Masami Tsuchiya "Forest People" (album)
-Masami Tsuchyia/Mick Karn "Visions Of China" (album)
-Massukos "Bumping" (album)
-Miro "Classical Guitar" (album)
-Miro "A Feast of Spanish Guitar" (album)
-Mohair (album tracks)

-MicroCosmos and Otomo Yoshihide "Pilgrimage"(album)

-Professor Mathmo "Mathmo's Times Tables" (album)
-Sarah-Jane Morris "Migratory Birds"
-Victoria Mosley & The Sublimes "As In A Dream" (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2000 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2001 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2002 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2003 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2004 (album)

-Mustique Blues Festival 2005 (feat. Mick Jagger)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2006 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2007 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2008 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2009 (album)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2010 (feat. Donald Fagen)
-Mustique Blues Festival 2011 (album)

-"Best of" the Mustique Blues Festival (album)

-Mustique Blues Festival 2012 (album)

-Mustique Blues Festival 2013 (album)

-Mustique Blues Festival 2014 (album)

-Mustique Blues Festival 2015 (album)
-Navigator "Dil Dena" (single)

-Penya (EP)

-Phenol "Karoline) (single)
-Porcupine Tree "Stupid Dreams"(album)

-Prescription House (tracks)
-Prosto Maria "Prosto Maria" album

-Omar Puente & Alex Wilson "Play Violin The Cuban Way"(album)

-Raveena "Raveena" (album)

-The Readers Wifes "Scumpop" (single)
-The Readers Wifes "Nostalgia" (single)
-Premi (album)

-Tom Robinson "Living In A Boom Time" (remix)

-Edwyn Sanz "Eso Tierno" (single)
-Sasha/Digweed "Renaissance Vol.1" (album)

-Schleimer K "Wounded Wood"
-Shanti Paul Jayasinha "Round Trip" (album)
-Sonia Santana "Havana Dreams" (tracks)
-Siouxsie And The Banshees "Hong Kong Garden" (single remix)
-Siouxsie And The Banshees "Kiss Them For Me" (single remix)
-Siouxsie And The Banshees "Peek-a-Boo" (single remix
-Siouxsie And The Banshees "The Killing Jar" (single remix)
-Spengler: Sweet Love (single)
-Steven Severin "Visions" (album)
-Steven Severin "Maldoror" (album)
-Steven Severin "The Woman 5n The Dunes" (album)
-Steven Severin & Arban "Beauty & The Beast" (album)
-Steven Severin "London Voodoo" (album)

-Liam Stewart "Bird Of Prey" (single)
-Liam Stewart "Hot Summer Days" (single)

-Liam Stewart "Sixteen Words" (album)

-Liam Stewart "Losing The Tortoise Race" (album)
-Yasuaki Shimizu "Dementos" (album)
-Ska Cubano "1" (album)
-Ska Cubano "Ay Caramba" (album)

-Ska Cubano "Mambo Ska" (album)
-Ska Cumbia (album)
-Lisa Stansfield "The Real Thing" remix
-Tenko/Otomo Yoshihide (album)

-The King's Will "As The Power Fails" (album)

-The King's Will "The Swords Are Coming" (album)
-The Tiger Lillies "Circus Songs" (album)
-The Tiger Lillies "The Sea" (album)
-The Tiger Lillies "Death" (album)
-The Tiger Lillies "Live at Soho" (album)
-The Tiger Lillies "The Little Matchbox Girl" (album)

-The Tiger Lillies "Freakshow" (album)

-Tinyfish "The Big Red Spark" (album)
-Touch and Go "Americana" (single)

-Touch and Go "Beautiful Day" (single)
-T'Pau (single remix)

-Ultramarine "This time Last Year" (album)
-Videodrome "Interaction" (single)
-Deniece Williams "Love Solves It All" (album)
-Alex Wilson "Anglo Cubano" (album)
-Alex Wilson "R&B Latino" (album)
-Alex Wilson "`The Aventuras" (album)
-Alex Wilson "Show Me" (single)

-Alex Wilson "Inglaterra" (album)

-Alex Wilson "The Wedding Dance" (play/album)

-Alex Wilson "Salsa con Soul " (album)

-Alex Wilson "Alex Wilson Trio " (album)
-Worlds Apart (album tracks)

-Thea Wray "No Boundaries" (album)

-Xitende "Djingo" (album)
-Yat-Kha "Dalai Beldir" (album)
-Yat-Kha "Aldyn Dashka" (album)

Other artists who've worked with Dominique
Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), BT, Towering Inferno, Bill Bruford (Yes/King Krimson), Laurel Aitken, Simon Fisher Tuner, Kosei Yamamoto, Jimmy Cauty (KLF), Chris Cutler (Cassiber/ Pere Ubu), Republica, BJ Cole, Dagmar Krause, Mick Karn (Japan), Rolf Harris, David Cunningham (Flying Lizards), The Pogues, Les Reed, The Puppini Sisters, David Coulter, Theo Travis, Roger Beaujolais, Nick Hogarth, Akiko Kobayashi, William Drake, David Lowe, Stephen Coates, Ian Shaw, Nitai Dasgupta, Zhanna, Mervyn Africa, Tim Cross, David Ferguson (Random Hold), Sheridan Tongue, Lautrec, Morcheeba, Stephen Thrower (Coil), Hamish Stuart (Average White Band), Sonia Santana, Andy Bell (Erasure), Jakko M Jakszyk, The Levellers, Victoria Wilson James (Soul II Soul), BJ Cole, Richard Barbieri (Japan), Viola Wills, James McMillan (Sade/Everything But The Girl), Pressure Drop, Carol Kenyon, Makoto Kubota (Sandii & The Sunset), Neil Arthur (Blancmange), Aska Kaneko, Najma Akhtar, Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen, Tom Robinson, Guy Sigsworth....

Film sound post-production:
-Backtrack - Feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)

-Paper, Scissors, Stone - Feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-Quch - feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)

-Moving Sounds - feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-Hampi, Valley of the Kings-Documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-Esthetic Education - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
Quncho - feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-Ubuntu - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-The Last Resort - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-With or Without You - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-NomadsLife- documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
BBC News 24 (music recording & mixing)
-London Voodoo - feature film
(music recording & mixing)
-Jolly Roger - animated film (sound recording & mixing)

-The Holly Kane Experiment - feature film (dialog editor, sound designer, dubbing-mixer)

-Blood Money - feature film (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)

-Dreams in Transit - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)

-Redefining Juliet - documentary (dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-London Philharmonic Orchestra "Christmas at Claridges" 5.1 (music editor, dubbing-mixer)
-The Stanger I Love film (5.1dubbing-mixer)
-A Love Worth Fightimg For film (5.1 dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-The Contractor series pilot (5.1 dialog editor, dubbing-mixer)
-Barbour Evergreen Beaufort corporate video (5.1 dubbing-mixer)
-Màthair documentary (5.1 dubbing-mixer)

Contact: Wolf Studios, 83 Brixton Water Lane, London SW2 1PH
Tel: 020 7733 8088 e-mail: